Our Process and Approach To Content Creation

5 step proven process

The success lies in great creative work filtered through a system of details and process. This is why we have developed our 5 Step Proven Process. Following this process allows for us to make great work, on-time and budget with everyone in full alignment on the execution of the final output. We have applied this process to small work and big budget commercials. It just works.

We meet in person or virtually for a kick off meeting to start the project. With our listening ears on, we download as much information as possible and ask questions along the way. This step is critical to making sure we have the proper information to begin the development process.

Our team takes the information from our listening session and we develop a concept that reaches your target audience and represents your brand. Then we draft a script and visual approach.

We coordinate all aspects of pre-production – the technical, logistical, and creative steps that need to be taken before going to camera. This includes storyboards, shot lists, locations, coordinating talent, shooting schedule, assembling the perfect crew and making it all happen on time and budget.

We pull all of our hard work together and execute the plan during the production and post-production phases. Each production is run meticulously by our in-house team of producers and directors, and network of extremely talented crew.

We handle all aspects of post-production – including editing, motion design, color-grading and sound design. We’ll send you cuts along the way for feedback before we deliver highly refined final videos in any and all formats needed.

Strategic Capture

We have developed a process for effective, high quality content capture that reduces cost by planning for efficiencies in our production days, we call this Strategic Capture. This allows us to maximize the amount of footage we walk away with each day. Production is the most expensive variable in making video advertising and is why it’s critical to use this time to the best of our abilities with great up front preparation. We call this process, Strategic Capture.

Hero Content Model

The Hero Content Model breaks your videos down into two buckets: Hero Content and Micro-Content. Hero Content is a longer form video and usually plays on Youtube, Facebook or a company website. This longer form content can be broken down into 4-6 smaller pieces of Micro-Content. This gets formatted and edited specifically to each platform’s specifications, which is key for achieving maximum engagement with your audience.

This approach is also very cost effective since additional shooting isn’t required. By planning for this content model beforehand, we are able to successfully implement it 

with ease.