Narrative - Short, 33m Daniel & Siri

After reconnecting with their family, an artist and his wife must confront a shameful secret that had once divided them.

Daniel & Siri was filmed on location in Cincinnati, OH over the course of three days. Our location had no power, so every pocket of light had to be created from scratch. Time of day scheduling was critical, as was a willing and experienced crew of grips, electricians, and camera personnel. Shot on Arri Alexa and Zeiss Superspeed lenses.

Narrative | Short, 33m
Writer / Director | Adam Mark Brown
Produced By | Adam Mark Brown
Produced By | Alexander Elkins
Director of Photography | Alexander Elkins
Cast | Siri – Kathleen Wise
Cast | Daniel – Daniel Montesano
Cast | Issac (father) – Daniel Montesano
Cast | Jacob – Micheal Vitovich
Edited By | Brad Golowin
Production Design | Sarah Young
Production Partner | Big Media Creative