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Generative AI in Action: Our Trailblazing Approach to Content Production

One thing we love doing at Big Media Creative is staying updated with the latest content creation tools. We’ve been deeply exploring many apps you might have heard of, such as Mid-Journey, RunwayML, ChatGPT, and ElevenLabs. Even legacy programs like Photoshop offer amazing features, particularly for in-painting (fixing a small part of a generative image or extending a scene outward).

AI-Generative Tools we use at Big Media Creative

For this video sample, we utilized all four apps to produce a short teaser for a crypto project called Here are the steps we took to create this captivating online sizzle video:

Step 1: We began with some prompts in Midjourney’s latest release, version 6.0, which marks another advancement for the company. The level of realism is striking, and while it excels in certain areas, it sometimes falters in unexpected ways.

Step 2: Satisfied with the imagery, we transitioned to Runway to add basic motion. The results vary, but Runway is rapidly evolving, with updates rolling out frequently, reflecting their commitment to innovation and responsiveness to customer feedback. After fine-tuning the video assets, we exported them for use as standard footage in our editing application.

Step 3: ChatGPT has been an invaluable writing assistant, and version 4 is particularly impressive. It can sustain detailed conversations and even analyze pre-written scripts in various formats. While a human touch remains crucial, it provides meaningful enhancements and explains its suggestions, adding significant value.

Step 4: For the voiceover, we turned to Eleven Labs. The tool offers a range of options and, although its pace of improvement isn’t as rapid as the others, it’s still potent. You can input your script, choose a voice, make adjustments, and generate the voiceover. It’s effective for certain types of online content, just ensure you have the right package for commercial use.

Those were the steps and tools we employed to create this teaser for colR’s inaugural film teaser, P3. We still rely on many of our trusted tools for editing and motion graphics work, but the efficiency of these new tools is truly remarkable. The mantra is to evolve with the times or risk being left behind – and we’re committed to staying at the forefront.