The Free TV Project: Take What’s Yours Campaign

Who doesn’t love FREE! See behind the scenes on how we brought these fun and energetic spots to life, all in the name of bringing FREE TV to the masses!

The Ask

Once again our friends at The Free TV Project reached out so we could tackle the next leg of their campaign. They had some wonderful creative that we helped them workshop into production ready shape. The ask was to make several 30 second spots focused around fun scenes that communicated the idea of getting free TV with an antenna. The spots shared the same structure but with each one focusing on different programming you can watch — did we mention it was FREE! We also created 15 and 6 second versions of the spot with and without subtitles for use on various social platforms. We also shot some basic level photography to accompany their video campaign into digital display. What a blast it was working with these talented actors and crew to bring this to life.


Director: Adam Bowen

Director of Photography: Alex Elkins

Producer: Rachel Sudkamp

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