The Free TV Project: “Take What’s Yours” Video and Online Campaign

Who doesn’t love FREE? See behind the scenes how we brought these fun and energetic online commercials to life, all in the name of bringing FREE TV to the masses! See a breakdown of all the video production services we provided with our local Cincinnati team.

The Ask

When our friends at The Free TV Project reached out asking for our video production services and creative team to help out on the next iteration of the TV and online campaigns we were so excited. We collaborated with their creative team and our friends at Ample to develop some wonderful scripts over several workshops. The ask was to make several 30-second spots focused around fun scenes that communicated the idea of getting free TV with an antenna. The spots shared the same structure but with each one focusing on different programming you can watch — did we mention it was FREE!

We also created 15 and 6-second versions of the spot with and without subtitles for use on various social platforms and the best practices for each channel. We also shot some basic-level photography to accompany their video campaign for digital display ads to round everything out. What a blast it was working with these talented actors and our network of local Cincinnati production crew members to collaborate on bringing this to life.


Director: Adam Bowen

Director of Photography: Alex Elkins

Producer: Rachel Sudkamp

Art Department: Stephanie Pierce

Associate Producer: Tess White

Editor: Dan Sudkamp

Motion Design: Roland De Blasio

Free TV Project: The Ultimate Fan Gear

Free TV Project: Its Meant To Be

Details Matter

One of the biggest challenges in this production fell on the Art Department Team led by Stephanie Piece from Big Media and our Wardrobe Stylist Ivy Costa. Our scripted characters were over the top and we wanted their surroundings to match. These two made that happen.

Behind The Scenes: Our Video Process

As a Director, one of my favorite things to do once we have a solid working script is to time out the creative using a simple iPhone and our internal team. It’s really valuable when we come to set to know that everything has been tested.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Enjoy some of the images we took leading up to the filming and during production

The Challenges of Video Production At Night.

We knew we wanted to film the evening shots during an overnight instead of trying to blackout windows. The budget really didn’t allow for the extra gear and crew needed to do so and we knew we would get a better result by just doing an overnight.

One thing that helps is keeping the crew well-fed and taken care of. These shoots can be a drain on energy so its always important to have the right fuel to push through.

Having a great Location Coordinator to properly secure the approval from the neighboring houses is always important to avoid any issues with local neighbors on our plans. It’s all about good pre-production preparation.