Signature Hardware:

In early 2022 we had the pleasure of welcoming the amazing peeps at Signature Hardware on as a new Big Media Client. We took this project from concept to delivery using the theme of “What’s My Signature Style”.

The Ask

This project was a quite a lift. We had to build three full kitchen sets and 3 full bath sets but a good challenge is always welcome. In the end we delivered a fully rounded campaign of supportive assets for use across multiple social channels, broadcast, OTT, streaming bumper ads and even helped capture photo with our great friend Ryan Kurtz to deliver digital display ads. Keep reading to see further into the process and how we made this delightful campaign come to life.


Director: Adam Bowen

Director of Photography: Alex Elkins

Producer: Rachel Sudkamp

Art Department: Stephanie Pierce

Associate Producer: Tess White

Editor: Dan Sudkamp

“What’s My Signature Style?”: Kitchen :30s

“What’s My Signature Style?”: Bathroom :30s

Timing Is Key

In order to meet our timeline we had to build the sets at the workshop of our construction partners. We built 2 frameworks: one that could hold a kitchen and one that could hold a bath. This allowed us to film one kitchen scene and one bath scene a day. Once we wrapped for the day the construction team came back in and flipped the sets to the next kitchen and bath to be shot 48 hours later. We had to repeat this process twice. This tight timeline meant we had to be very precise with our capture since there was no going back to get any pickups after you removed the sets.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Enjoy some of the images we took leading up to the filming and during production

Watching the set sketches come to life was one of the most rewarding things. The first time we were able to have the sets lite up and camera rolling was a thrill to our team.