Peak: Forced Out

So what if we had legendary Funny Car Champion John Force, a pack of zombies and a water cannon. Just hear me out!

The Ask

We worked with our friends at Velvet Hammer on developing series of content to support Peak’s new coolant line of products. Corrosion can build up in your cars coolant system – like a pack of zombies. Well once we knew we had a pack of zombies we knew we needed to blow them away. These fun spots were designed around this concept – We have a bunch of zombies on the track blocking John Force from getting past. Thats when he calls in Peak! Ultimately we broke this out for social in some different formats for specific channels.


Cient: Peak Coolant

Agency: Velvet Hammer

Director: Adam Bowen

Director of Photography: Dave Morrison

Producer: Stephanie Pierce

Editor: Dan Sudkamp

Peak: “Forced Out”

Having the opportunity to work with a true champion and legend like John Force was an amazing experience. He was a total pro and took direction with a great attitude. He was there to make the filming a success and it showed up on screen. The man has a ton of energy and you can see quickly why he is so successful.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Enjoy some of the images we took of the zombie’s final look from our hair and makeup teams.

The hair and makeup team came in with force and had a ton of work to get completed. This was a single day shoot and talent needed to be prepped a couple hours in so we could stay on track. The teams delivered.