Native Skin Care & Oral Care

We partnered with Curiosity, a Cincinnati based creative agency, to produce, edit,
and deliver a series of online assets for Native Skin and Hair Care.

The Ask

Cincinnati based agency Curiosity, reached out to us for help on the production and post-production of this wonderful creative they developed for Native Skincare. When we saw what they had in mind we were excited to get started. We developed a multitude of deliverables across various formats. Each had a fun twist and were filled with energy.


Agency: Curiosity

Director: Adam Bowen

Director of Photography: Alex Elkins

Producer: Rachel Sudkamp

Native Skin Care: Keep It Simple

Native Hair Care: The Good Ones

A lot of things have to happen in parallel when you only have two days to film 13 separate spots and the content required for the cut downs. The Native shoot had only 6.5 weeks from our kick-off to delivery.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Enjoy some of the images we took leading up to the filming and during production

Reformatting For Social

We subscribe to the hero content model and a principle we call “strategic capture”. This simply means we do tons of planning and prep to understand how the main video we are filming for will scale across other platforms. We add alternative capture to our shot list to make sure we are taking advantage of each platforms best practices every time.

Commercial Creative Design Layout Native

An all blue world was a so much fun to shoot in. Some props we would find off the shelf in the blue we wanted. Others we needed to paint to the shade of blue we needed. All this time up front is so important to plan out so you have plenty of time for approvals and adjustments. You don’t want to have wet paint on set!