Dunkin’ Coffee Thins

An airplane hanger, pedestrian bus a stunt team. Yeah, this was a fun production day!

The Ask

Velvet Hammer brought the creative to us on this one and it was a wildly cool concept. We loved the idea of keeping the dream sequence simple and a bit magical to really connect the joy of having your favorite Dunkin’ flavor even when you can’t get the that cup of coffee. In the end we used some basic green screen with some partials mixed with a little After Effects fun. In the end this 30 second spot turned out great and worked into supporting the larger campaign the agency had planned.


Director: Adam Bowen

Director of Photography: Dave Morrison

Producer: Stephanie Pierce

Editor: Dan Sudkamp

Dunkin’: “Where Would You Enjoy?”

The stunt team had their hands full keeping our amazing talent comfortable. We could only do a couple takes in a row before we needed to give them a break. We used a blower to add some basic practical wind to help sell our effect in post-production.

Behind The Scenes Photos

Enjoy some of the images we took leading up to the filming and during production

We had a blast doing a mockup of our effects scene. We used a simple floppy green screen, a bar stool and a leaf blower to develop some basic pre-visualization. It was more than a good time!