Love Your TV

January 25, 2022

Building an old school game show set inside of a garage!

Let's Have Fun!

We were thrilled when we were approached to help craft this ‘Love Your TV’ campaign. It was a great opportunity to stretch creatively and craft something truly fun and unique. We referenced old game shows and came up with an approach that was both appropriate for the style and tailored to our budget and production schedule.

Set Design

We wanted this piece to feel like a vintage game show, similar to The Dating Game. We enlisted the help of our friend Michael DeMaria to design and construct a set that could fit inside of our location, Garage on York. Michael built the set in sections, back at his shop, and then transported each section to location, where it was pieced together. During the shoot, we joked about how this set could withstand 10 seasons of the Love Your TV show – incredible work, Mike!

Look & Feel

Lighting the set was probably the biggest challenge we faced. We had five talent and a dividing wall between actors (not an easy challenge). The question was: how do you light all of this without it feeling COMPLETELY flat? The answer to that is ‘separation’. We put up a light for each side of the set and then boxed them in and flagged them off of the side that they weren’t supposed to be lighting. This way, each side of the set had a single shadow and the lighting looked more pleasing. Multiple shadows are never a good thing. We relied mainly on our trusty Nanlux Forza 500s and Astera Titan tubes – oh, and the beautiful globes that Mike built into the set (which were all bluetooth programmable). Apart from the light, we emptied an entire 3-ton grip truck into our set and used every single stand that we had available. When we were all done, it truly looked like a metal jungle in there!


We shot this piece on two Panasonic S1H cameras, with Blackmagic Video Assist recorders, in 5.9K Blackmagic Raw. We paired the camera with our set of Sigma FF Cine Primes and Hollywood Black Magic diffusion filters to add a little bit of softness and glow to the highlights.

Color Grade

In the color grade, we enhanced the colors of the set, brought out skin tones, and added even more glow to the highlights. We decided not to go full vintage with the look, but we definitely stylized everything and got to a place that our client was very happy with.

When the reference is ‘The Dating Game’, you’re given license to have fun!