Making Everything Uncommon

August 4, 2021
August 4, 2021 adam

Behind The Scenes of EBTH

Concept Development

Visiting EBTH’s warehouse inspired the idea. You see row after row of all these amazing unique and uncommon items. The space is huge. What if you could set up a little collection of items in the middle of all that, like a little stage play. The client, who goes by Palmer, loved the idea.

The boards came to life and it really looked like it could be fitting for the brand, a really unique look.

Look & Feel

We knew we wanted to work with large, soft sources, in order to minimize harsh shadows on the products and on the actors. One way to get a soft source is by using a 12×12’ book light, comprised of Ultrabounce and grid cloth. For the key light, we operated everything off of floor stands, but the backlight bounce needed to be rigged from the ceiling so that we could see off the set (and not see stands). Luckily, the EBTH warehouse had plenty of rigging points. We used M18s both inside the book light and for the backlight bounce. This setup allowed for plenty of softness and output control.

What if you could set up a little collection of items in the middle of all that, like a little stage play.

Camera Movement

When it came to camera movement, we used a Fisher10 dolly and about 30 feet of straight track. This allowed for long, smooth, controlled movements in and out of the various art-directed sets. We initially wanted to cover each scene with multiple camera angles, but once we started shooting the long, single takes… we knew that we’d found our style.

Camera System

Our camera setup was very basic and consisted of a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K paired with a set of Sigma Art zooms (18-35 and 50-100). In front of the glass we used Hollywood Blackmagic diffusion filters to bloom the highlights and take the edge off the super sharp lenses. We used the full 6K resolution and Blackmagic Raw, which we then colored graded in DaVinci Resolve.

Overall, the idea was to keep it simple, but refined. We wanted the items and actors to stand out against the gallery wall in a way that wasn’t flashy, but highlighted the unique items that EBTH has to offer.