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In February of 2014, The Governale Group, Beacon Land Development in association with Tiger Woods Design partnered with us to create a comprehensive two-year content platform for Tiger’s first ever US-designed golf course, Bluejack National.

Over the course of 2014 until November of 2016, we created 12 deliverables for the parent companies and for Tiger to utilize across multiple disciplines: news, marketing, sales, social media, public and private.

The platform we delivered garnered over $76 million in earned media, with content airing on ESPN, Fox, Golf Channel, CNN, BBC America, the BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, the CBC, Al Jazeera and dozens of other networks across all media platforms. The content has also been shared globally hundreds of millions of times on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Instagram and many others.


In 2016, 3.026 billion Bluejack impressions delivered $28 million in earned media.

**source Meltwater**

Title: “Bluejack: The Beginning”

Ordered by The Governale Group 9/16/2014

This heritage piece is a summation of a series of deliverables for Bluejack National — the only Tiger Woods-designed golf course to open in the United States. From the vision and ground breaking to the grand opening, we told the story to millions. We produced the narrative of developers Michael Abbott, Casey Paulson, Andy Mitchell and golf icon Tiger Woods over three years.

Title: “Bluejack: The Beginning”

Ordered by The Governale Group 9/16/2014
Delivered: 11/14/2014
Published: 11/14/2014

Additional Videos In The Series

Title: “Grand Opening"

Published: Apr 25, 2016

On April 25, 2016, we was the only camera crew to capture the the historic day of Tiger Woods opening his first golf course in the United States. Legendary golf icons David Feherty, Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods headlined, but we made Bluejack National the star.

Title:“Bluejack National – Foundations”

Published: Dec 7, 2015

As Bluejack’s story transition from golf course to community, this lifestyle feature delivered a traditional testimonial with a creative combination of emotion and beauty. By design, this deliverable augmented traditional marketing collateral to drive sales and membership. The long-term investment in a content platform empowered buyers to brand ambassadors, which continues to deliver sales. Selling by telling, a hallmark of our partnerships.

Title:“Tiger’s Design Makes the Turn at Bluejack”

Published: Jun 29, 2015

As the anticipation increased throughout the content platform campaign, this deliverable is the mid tentpole. Showcasing the process of building a golf course with Tiger’s POV proved to be a very productive piece for Bluejack National. It bridged building the course while previewing the beauty that was to come. The storytelling was so authentic, that media outlets instantly picked it up and broadcasted it across all platforms.

Title:“Bluejack National – Course Preview”

Published: Mar 10, 2015

Setting the stage for the first Tiger Woods-designed golf course in the United States, this early golf course construction piece disrupted marketing in the golf industry. Course designer Tiger Woods shares his philosophy teeing up the process as well as the partners involved. This video had a consistent and gradual growth and it is still reference by Bluejack partners to showcase the process.

Title:“Life at Bluejack National”

Published: Dec 18, 2014

Bluejack is more than a golf, more than Tiger Woods. It is a resort community unlike anything in the region. It was paramount that Bluejack positioned itself accordingly. This lifestyle chapter was an early piece to the Bluejack story. Despite no mention of Tiger, this effectively balanced Bluejack’s sell by positioning them beyond golf.

Title:“Introduction Featurette”

Published: Nov 14, 2014

This macro piece served a multiple of masters. Produced as the preface to a story or the inside cover to a book, this piece spawned many others while effectively introducing everything that Bluejack represents today. This is their vision book. Three years later, this is still used to introduce employees to the Bluejack vision.


The time-lapse content was a perfect fit for the Bluejack platform. The incredible transformation was captured with an efficient use of equipment that Bluejack purchased for Big Media to produce multiple deliverable. It’s active today here, and below are a sample of the deliverables:

Title: Timelapse Hole #18

Title: Timelapse November 7, 2014 – April 21st, 2015

Title: Timelapse – Sprigging Hole #15

Title: Timelapse Cottage Construction

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